Buildings & Grounds

This department has three major responsibilities:

Public Buildings:
Charged with the responsibility of keeping lights burning, HVAC systems operating, interiors painted, plumbing working & buildings cleaned.
Through a combination of in-house personnel & contract services we strive to ensure the proper maintenance of all town buildings for a safe & pleasant environment for both town employees to conduct business & visitors alike.

Includes all aspects of landscaping (mowing, trimming, planting, herbicide application, fertilizing and irrigation, etc.) as needed for all town properties, which includes Town Hall, our parks and ball fields, and cemeteries. It is our intention to keep all areas of Farmville aesthetically pleasing to both citizens and visitors alike.

Cemeteries: (for purchase of grave sites see: public works )
The town of Farmville owns & maintains three cemeteries that are open all year round.

  • Hollywood: off N.Pitt St.
  • Forest Hill: off N.Contentnea St.
  • Sunset: off 264 ALT.

All cemeteries are cared for in a manner which respects a families desire for dignity for the final resting place of their loved ones. To help ensure this we ask that all Christmas decorations be removed by the last Friday in January for maintenance purposes.

The supervisor of the department is an ISA Certified Arborist and is also responsible for the administration and implementation of the towns urban forestry program. This includes the Adopt-a-Tree program.

Cindy Thomas, Administrative Support Specialist

Paul Ellis, Director

PO Box 86 / 3672 N. Main Street
Farmville, NC 27828
(252) 753-5921 - office
(252) 753-2963 - fax

Farmville Tree and Community Appearance Commission

Adopt-A-Tree Program
The Farmville Tree and Community Appearance Commission is committed to planting canopy trees within the Town limits. Our priority is to plant large canopy trees that provide valuable shade and pleasing aesthetics. Since there are few sites suitable for planting large shade trees in right of way areas, we are looking for sites to plant large or medium shade trees. If you are reading this letter you have shown interest in your property as a possible site for planting. This program is called Adopt-A-Tree. If you approve the Town of Farmville will do an inventory of your site to ensure a large or medium tree is appropriate for planting in a location that will benefit the town (in the front or side yard adjacent to a street), avoid underground and overhead obstructions and allow enough room for the tree to develop. After planting and initial mulching, the tree or trees will be your property and you will be responsible for care including mulching, pruning, fertilizing, and watering. After planting the tree is yours but must remain in the location it was planted.

The form is available on this site for you to read, print, fill out, and return to Greg Cornelius, Facilities and Grounds Supervisor. This form gives the town permission to conduct site evaluation to positively confirm that your site is suitable for tree planting. It also confirms your commitment to maintain the tree. If trees are planted on your property as a result of this initiative, you will also be provided with tree care instructions to assist you in the care and maintenance of your new tree. If you have any questions regarding the Farmville Historic District Adopt-A-Tree Program feel free to call Danny Lauderdale at 902-1701.

Farmville's Tree and Appearance Commission receives "Gold Leaf Award"
The Tree and Appearance Commission of Farmville has been awarded the International Society of Arboriculture Gold Leaf Award for "Outstanding Landscape Beautification activities".

In 2003, a $4000 grant was applied for by the Tree and Appearance Commission and was received from the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources, which was matched with the Town's budgeted monies of $2,500. Project Coordinators, Danny Lauderdale, Pitt County Cooperative Extension Agent and President of the Commission, and Greg Cornelius, Town Forester are both ISA certified arborists.

In preparation for applying for the grant, a street tree inventory was done in the Historic District of Farmville to identify where trees were needed and where they would be beneficial. This information was used to put into effect an Adopt-A-Street Tree program that was a great success with 23 trees being planted. This program stressed the "Right Tree - Right Place" concept which educated the community as well as involving the property owners in tree care and preservation. This is an on-going program welcomed by the community and many are looking forward to continuing it.

The grant money was used to beautify Sunset Cemetery by putting a bed of trees across the front greatly enhancing the entire area. This area was often bypassed because of lack of funds. This money also enabled some incomplete plantings (37 trees) from the past to be finished around the town and the Main Street bed in front of the Town Hall also benefited with an overhaul in cooperation with the Ladies Garden Club.

All of the above tree plantings also qualified the town for their 24th and 25th Tree City, USA award and their 10th and 11th Growth Award.

The Farmville Tree and Appearance Commission worked very hard to obtain this grant and then accomplished many goals of theirs by utilizing this money wisely. They were able to enhance the beauty of their community as well as educate the citizens about where and when to plant trees and the proper maintenance to keep them healthy. They not only increased the awareness of the community concerning the importance of trees but also managed to get them interested in a program that will continue to further their education and interest in keeping their community healthier and more beautiful through a natural resource.

This small community has really excelled in making this a more beautiful and healthier community with the use of trees and with the hard work of this committee.

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